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Report prepared on behalf of Brinsley Neighbourhood Steering Group 16.1.2017

  • Following the residents’ open day in the village to consider and select the preferred site, the majority of villagers again clearly stated that ‘They do not want building on greenbelt in the parish’.
  • The result of the voting on the six sites put forward again confirmed this with the only brownfield site being the first choice with a clear majority. This site, however, will not contain the number of houses required and therefore a second site was required.
  • The preferred site chosen which would have the capacity for the required number of houses was J. Mee’s field off Cordy Lane, Brinsley at the rear of Brinsley Garage. This was based on a points system which took into consideration all views.
  • The Anthony site was a close second, but received a significant number of 6th place votes.
  • The steering group then considered the written and verbal comments of the residents attending the open day.

The following points relate to the above two sites only:-

  • Site entrance and Services Both site entrances would be on the corner of Cordy Lane. The Mee site has a much wider entrance available and could easily accommodate a roundabout if required. This would be more difficult on the Anthony site due to roadside housing. Regarding services to the sites, the wide entrance to the Mee site would allow services to be placed under a wider grass verge for easy maintenance. The Anthony site may require services to be placed beneath the road or pavement or alongside the edge of the playing field.
  • Proximity to Village Amenities Both sites are within walking distance of shops, garage and bus stops (although the service is inadequate for workers). A significant number of residents expressed concern, both written and verbal, of the proximity of the Anthony site to village amenities, namely the Nature Reserve, the playing field and the footpath along the mineral line (Headstocks). These comments do not apply to the Mee site.
  • Visibility The Anthony site is visible from Church Lane, Cordy Lane, playing fields and the Headstocks site at all times, though more so in winter months. In addition, the site is considered by many to project beyond the natural boundary of village housing into open and attractive countryside. English Heritage also opposed the removal of greenbelt protection from this site in their response to the Greenbelt Review. The Mee site is generally concealed and apart from the entrance would not be visible to the majority of residents. The site is alongside current housing.
  • Wildlife Many residents expressed concern at the proximity of the Anthony site to the Nature Reserve. The fields alongside Brinsley Brook are rich in wildlife and the ‘long meadow’ is a SINC site for woodland flowers. The area immediately to the east of the site is quality countryside and supports many interesting species of birds including two species of woodpeckers, nuthatch, tree creeper, siskin, winter thrushes etc. Building close to the nature reserve would cause many species to move away from the area due to the noise pollution and disturbance. Conversely, the Mee site is uninteresting and a generally low grass nature site. A botanical survey found little of interest and birdlife is limited to common garden birds.
  • Flooding There is a serious issue with water drainage around the Brinsley Brook, which has on a number of occasions flooded on the Headstocks site and more seriously in Nethergreen. Building on the Anthony site would only add to the problem.



Brinsley Parish Council response to Broxtowe Borough Council regarding the Brinsley preferred site

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